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What are the Advanced Settings on the RapidRecorder?

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2014 10:31AM PDT
The advanced Settings provide a few features that can sometimes be very helpful. Here is a description of each setting:

1. Audio Enabled
Sometimes, the audience around you can get a little...well, boisterous. Sometimes so much that you might not want to upload a game with audio. If you uncheck the box next to "Enable Audio", the video will upload in 'Mute Mode'. Hopefully, this is something you don't need to use ;)

2. Export Converted Video
As the videographer, we don't want to just help the team save time through easy access of the video, but you as well! If you want to keep a raw file of the game after its processed through the RapidRecorder, check the box next to "Export Converted Video". An mp4 file of the stitched game will be saved on your desktop for offline viewing or editing in third party softwares.

3. Decomb Mode
If you film your event and think the footage could look a little better, you might be shooting in interlaced mode (a good way to tell is to look through your camera settings, or sometimes, the information is right on your LCD might read something like '60i' or '30i'.

If you want to make the footage look great, check the box to enable "Decomb Mode". Keep in mind, the process might take a little longer, but it will be worth it when your footage is online and looks great!
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